Irina Gabrielyan and Aram Berdyan

Armenian Couple Weds in Dadivank Monastery


STEPANKERT ( — A couple wed in late December in the medieval Armenian monastery of Dadivank in Nagorno-Karabakh over the weekend, in the first ceremony since the church remained in territories that came under the control of Azerbaijan.

Irina Gabrielyan from Martakert and Aram Berdyan from Stepanakert married on December 27 in Dadivank. According to a report from the telegram channel WarGonzo, the couple thanked the Russian peacekeepers for protecting the monastery.

Primate Pargev Martirossyan with a Russian soldier

The Primate of the Karabakh Diocese Pargev Martirossyan arrived at Dadivank not only for the wedding ceremony, but also for a service for the pilgrims. He also brought the Russian peacekeepers New Year gifts – crosses and letters from children of Karabakh.

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