Students at the airport in Chicago; Kneeling with a mask is Oscar Tatosian, Honorary Consul of Armenia in Chicago

Armenia and Georgia Team up to Organize Evacuation of Exchange Students From United States


YEREVAN — Thirty-five Armenian exchange students enrolled in different US schools under the FLEX and ACES programs returned home on April 9, spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan reported.

The Embassy of Armenia in the US and the Armenian Honorary Consulate in Chicago coordinated the safe transportation of the students from 19 US states to the city of Chicago, followed by a Doha-Tbilisi flight and the transfer to Armenia by bus. The students were provided all necessary medical safety equipment. The greeting and escort of the Armenian students to the departure lounge at Doha Airport was also coordinated.

“As already was stated, the Embassy of Armenia in the US has been in constant contact with the Armenian students who were studying in high schools of different US states within the framework of the FLEX program, and with the program representative in Armenia. On April 9, due to the agreement reached between the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Georgia, the transfer of the students to Armenia and Georgia, respectively, was organized.

“This is yet another example of the cooperation between Armenia and Georgia in terms of organizing the return of citizens amid the situation with COVID19 pandemic. We thank the American coordinators for organizing the transfer of Armenian students quickly and smoothly, as well as our Georgian partners for their support and effective collaboration,” stated Naghdalyan.

Upon their return to Armenia, the students are subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine regime.

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