Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan

Ryanair Makes First Landing at Zvartnots


YEREVAN (ARKA) — The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair made its first flight from Italian Milan to Yerevan Armenia on Tuesday, January 14. Tatevik Revazyan, the head of Armenia’s Civil Aviation Committee, told reporters that the first flight arrived with a delay because of a strike of Italian flight controllers.

She could not say how many passenger the aircraft brought to Armenia and citizens of what countries they were.

“We need time to analyze and understand all these data. In general, I can say that the plane was full and the passengers were very pleased. We hope that there were  both tourists and our compatriots,” she said.

According to Revazyan, the arrival of low-cost airlines in Armenia can significantly increase the interest of foreigners in the country.

“When we started talks, we spoke in numbers and were able to convince the other sides that Armenia’s market really has great opportunities. Many Europeans are a little tired of flying to the same destinations for years and want something new. And in this sense, Armenia can offer a lot. I think that now, when it has become easier and cheaper to get to Armenia, many will be interested in making even a day flight to our country,” she said.

“The presence of low-cost airlines  creates a free and competitive market, opens  new and interesting destinations. For example, both Wizz Air and Austrian Airlines will make flights to Vienna, which will undoubtedly affect the price of tickets,” she said.

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In an interview with reporters, a passenger, who arrived with Ryanair, thanked the airline for this opportunity.

“The ticket cost is only $36. Of course, we could take aboard a modest hand luggage, but I think the trip was worth it,” she said.

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