The tiger is examined by vets.

Vets Come Together to Help Yerevan Zoo Tiger


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Early last week one of the tigers of Yerevan Zoo showed signs of illness. The animal was looking weak and did not want to go out. After a visit by the zoo’s chief vet and medical treatment, the tiger seemed to be recovering, Yerevan Zoo said in a press release.

Nevertheless last Friday the tiger’s keepers noticed the animal was suffering from a nose bleed. A conference call was initiated immediately involving Moscow’s, Tehran’s and Amsterdam’s chief veterinarians, and a joint decision was made to administer anesthesia to the animal in order to perform an ultrasound examination and take biological samples for diagnosis and further treatment course.

The ultrasound results showed renal insufficiency (kidney disease) in addition to blood sample results clearly indicating a blood disorder. Doctors are working over the plan of treatment (online), but soon they will arrive to Armenia to provide on ground professional assistance.

Bingo’s age remains uncertain. The tiger was brought to the Zoo in 2010 with an amputated tail.


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