The author presenting his book.

Helping Germans Discover Armenia


BERLIN — Germans are known for their love of travel and an increasing number of them are discovering Armenia. Since the Bundestag (Parliament) passed a resolution in 2016 recognizing the genocide, interest in Armenia has grown and visits to the country have been facilitated by the recent introduction of direct Berlin-to-Yerevan flights. Now a new tourist guide has appeared, which should further promote tourism.

The new guide book was presented on November 27 at the Bundestag, by the German-Armenian Forum and the Verlag DuMont, which published it. Albert Weiler, a member of the Bundestag from the CDU, was the founder of the new Forum, which is dedicated to expanding relations between Armenia and Germany on all levels. Along with Weiler and the publishers was the book’s author, Torsten Flaig,, who has studied art history at the Tübingen University and has traveled extensively throughout Armenia. In presenting the new volume, he reported on various tourist attractions and advantages that the Republic of Armenia offers. His book is a guide not only to historical monuments but also an invitation to get to know the people, learn about daily life and Armenian culture.

For Weiler, president of the German-Armenian Forum, such a new publication was long overdue. In his view, the oldest Christian nation in the world has a great deal to offer tourists and is well presented in this new book. He quoted from the cover of the book, with its lengthy title: Armenia. A Journey of Discovery in the Land of the Khachkars: From the Capital Yerevan through the Ancient Land of Culture to Lake Sevan and the Small Cloisters in the Impressive Mountains of the Southern Caucasus. Weiler, who has travelled to Armenia many times, spoke of the variety of landscapes and experiences in the country and remarked, “Nowhere have I met so many people who are so proud of their country, its history and culture, and who have passed on to the younger generation a well-founded culture of memory.” The Chairman of the Bundestag’s Tourism Committee Sebastian Münzenmaier could only second what Weiler had said. Ambassador Ashot Smbatyan expressed his gratitude for the successful collaboration with the publisher.

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