Louis Pouzin (Born in France, 1931) inventor of the datagram and designer of early packet communication network, CYCLADES. Photographed at the Royal Academy of Egineering, London, 25th June 2013. Photo by Greg Funnell

Robot, Louis Pouzin to Be Keynote Speakers at La Francophonie Forum


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Yerevan’s TUMO center will host the La Francophonie Economic Forum on October 10.

Deputy minister for economic development and investments Mane Adamyan told a news conference that they expect 360 participants at the event.

The forum will last for two-days. Adamyan said that participants will take part in business tours October 9. “Delegations will visit the DigiTec Expo,” she said. The guests will also visit the brandy and wine factories.

Adamyan says they plan to establish a network of IT ministers of Francophone countries at the forum.

She said that Louis Pouzin, the inventor of datagram and designer of an early communications network, will be a keynote speaker at the forum. Sophia, the social humanoid robot and the most-perfect of its kind AI robot, will also be a speaker.

Yerevan is hosting the XVII International Organisation de La Francophonie summit October 7-12.

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Armenia has been a member of the organization since 2008.

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