Belgian Royal family, that is, King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, their children Crown Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eléonore are making a private visit to Armenia in order to spend their summer holiday together and see historical and cultural assets of the region. On August 23, King Philippe of Belgium visited Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs in Gyumri together with his family.

Belgian Royal Family Concludes Visit to Armenia


BRUSSELS, Belgium — The members of the Belgian royal family visited Armenia on August 21 for a four-day stay. The palace has released – according to tradition – a video of the king kite-surfing in Armenia.

The choice of holiday destination is unusual for the royals, who more often opt for traditional holiday destinations like France and Italy.

However according to a report in De Standaard, the family — King Philippe, Queen Mathilde and their four children — had already spent some time on the French island Île d’Yeu before heading on to Armenia.

According to protocol, the family arrived on two flights into Yerevan: the monarch and the heir to the throne – his daughter Elisabeth – may not travel on the same flight.

According to local reports, the royals were impressed with the local cuisine and especially the country’s wine, spending five hours on a tasting tour of one of the largest producers Armas.

During the visit the family visited several churches also.

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