Ayo! Launches Critical Campaign for Day Care Center for Disabled Children


NEW YORK — Ayo!, the Fund for Armenian Relief’s crowdfunding platform, just launched a new campaign to raise funds for the Hrazdan Day Care Center for Disabled Children. The Center, which normally provides social, educational, and healthcare support to nearly 150 disabled children in Hrazdan city and surrounding villages of Kotayq Province, lost their funding January 1st and was forced to cease operations.

While FAR donated the amount necessary that will allow Hrazdan Center to operate for the next three months, Ayo! is on a mission to fundraise their annual need by April 16.

The Center’s existence is very important for Hrazdan’s disabled children who can receive excellent care from teachers, psychologists, and social workers who offer general education, intellectual games, physical education, art, and dancing.

Some statistics show that 58 percent of the children that attended the center are now currently enrolled in local schools due to the rehabilitation they have received. Another 15 have overcome speech issues. The goal of the center aims to duplicate or exceed these results in the coming years — provided they have the funding.

For more information, visit http://farusa.org/blog/


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