Armenian President Has ‘Spiritual Moment’ at River Jordan



AMMAN, Jordan — Armenian President Serge Sargisian wrapped up his tour of Jordan on October 30 with a visit to a spot on the river by the same name where it is said that Jesus Christ was baptized.

According to the presidential office’s public affairs department, Sargisian wrote the following in the guest book at Al-Maghtas (which means baptism/immersion in Arabic) located on the Jordan River 10 kilometers southeast of Jericho: “At Al-Maghtas, where Jesus Christ was baptized, the spiritual dominates. A human here becomes a part of humanity, realizing the inevitability of eternity. Baptism symbolizes the new, the tolerant and the reborn good. I believe that this place can change a person’s understanding of the world.”

Sargisian led a government delegation to Jordan that included Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian and Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakobyan.

They also visited the soon to be consecrated St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church at Al-Maghtas, the land of which was donated by the Jordanian government. 

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