Biotech and Ebola in Cambridge: Chris Garabedian, CEO of Sarepta


Garabedian nurtures grand ambitions for Sarepta, and for himself. He learnt from two highly successful chief executive officers, and so instead of staying as part of a good management team, wanted the opportunity to build the next great company, the equivalent of a Google or Apple: “What I’m driven by and what motivates me is to apply my experience in this industry, to take a technology that can be the next revolution in medicine. If I can see this developed to treat even one serious disease like Duchenne, I will feel pretty good. I think this technology can be applied to many diseases. We all strive to be part of being something bigger than ourselves. This industry, this technology and this company give me the opportunity to do that. I hope my children will be proud of it, that they may have sacrificed time with their dad for something bigger.”

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