Court Rules Dink Murder Was ‘Organized’ Crime


ISTANBUL (Hetq) — Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals this week overruled previous decisions absolving suspects in the Hrant Dink murder case of any connection to armed criminal organizations, according to Hürriyet Daily News.

The ruling states that the suspects are members of such groups and thus it opens the way to their retrial on charges related to the formation of an armed terror organization.

The court stated that the “organization” was formed “with the purpose of committing a crime.”

But Dink’s legal team will object to the decision that defines the current formation as “an organization formed to commit crimes” instead of an armed terrorist organization, according to lawyer Bahri Belen, who told the Hürriyet that the Supreme Court decision failed to note the suspects’ political invovlement.

“The Supreme Court says there is an organization, but not of a political nature,” Belen said. “It is important to define the organization. The legal definition is wrong, since this is an act of terror, committed not by an ordinary criminal organization, but by a political organization.”


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