Topic: Hrant Dink Foundation

ISTANBUL — The 2018 International Hrant Dink Awards were given this month to Murat Çelikkan of Turkey and the Mwatana Organization for Human Rights from Yemen. Mwatana conducts independent, impartial documentation work and prepares[...]

PARIS — The Hrant Dink Foundation has been awarded the Chirac Prize For Conflict Prevention by the Chirac Foundation. On behalf of the Hrant Dink Foundation, the president of the foundation, Rakel Dink, received the prize from the[...]

ISTANBUL – On September 15, Hrant Dink’s birthday, the Hrant Dink Foundation presented the International Hrant Dink Award this year to Eren Keskin from Turkey and Ai Weiwei from China. The award is presented annually to people who work[...]