Topic: Film Festival

ARLINGTON, Mass. — After the success of the inaugural Arev Short Film Festival last year, festival director Sharisse Zeroonian will host the second annual iteration of the festival on October 13, this time, at the Capitol Theater, from 6[...]

GLENDALE — Armenian Film Society has announced the program for the inaugural Armenian Film Festival, which will be held in Glendale from September 6-10, at the Alex Theatre, Laemmle Glendale and Hero House. Founded in 2015 by husband and[...]

LEXINGTON, Mass. — How do you combine a lifelong love of helping others with a career in film? When writer and filmmaker Sharisse Zeroonian asked herself this question recently, the Arev Film Festival was born. The festival will[...]

WALTHAM, Mass. — This year’s Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston (GCFF) had been slated to take place in arch, however, now it has been cancelled. Among the films that were slated to be shown was “Village of Women” by Tamara[...]

NEW YORK — In the past decade, actress, writer, director and producer Nora Armani has added another couple of titles to herself: founder and artistic director of the non-profit Socially Relevant Film Festival (SRFF). She founded the[...]

HOLLYWOOD — Plans are currently underway for a spectacular weekend (November 3 to 5) marking the 20th anniversary of Arpa International Film Festival The three-day festival will once again feature a[...]