Jirair Libaridian

LONDON — The new book, A Precarious Armenia:  The Third Republic, the Karabakh Conflict, and Genocide Politics, by Dr. Gerard J. Libaridian, will be published later this month Gomidas Institute.[...]

(The article below is an English translation of the French-language text of an interview published in March 2023 in Paris, France, conducted by Tigrane Yegavian.) You have just published in[...]

By Jirair Libaridian Special to the Mirror-Spectator On January 19, 2023, the author gave an interview to the Azerbaijani language service of the RFE/RL, the focus of which was the[...]

Dear Editor: With utter bafflement, I read Jirair Libaridian’s response to my opinion piece of February 3. I could not imagine a more comprehensive and systematic distortion of my arguments.[...]

Dear Editor: I read with deep sadness Vahan Zanoyan’s article “Realism, Vision and Defeatism: Right and Wrong Lessons from the War” (Armenian Mirror-Spectator, February 3, 2021). Zanoyan argues that the[...]

By Vahan Zanoyan The devastating defeat of Armenia and Artsakh in the 44-day war has understandably led to an avalanche of analyses, controversy, finger pointing, misinformation and a never-ending cycle[...]

By Jirair Libaridian We are living through a very difficult period in our history. From September 27 to November 10 our army fought a ferocious war, and suffered a significant[...]

BELMONT, Mass. – The Armenian Renaissance movement Boston chapter organized a discussion on the dramatic developments in Armenia on April 30, a day prior to a first attempt at parliamentary[...]