VARDENIS, Armenia — After the 2020 war, life became unbearable in a number of villages of the Vardenis district of Gegharkunik Province. The brief hostilities that followed the war and the fighting that lasted for several days in[...]

VARDENIS, Armenia — Agricultural support programs have been launched in Gegharkunik Province’s enlarged Vardenis community, which contains 18 villages and 1 city. Based on the damage suffered due to adverse weather conditions in 2022,[...]

VARDENIS, Armenia — In a number of villages of the Vardenis region, which in 2020 after the war, ended up on the border with Azerbaijan, human rights are being openly violated in the most crude way. This primarily concerns the villages[...]

VARDENIS — In the enlarged community of Vardenis (35 villages plus the town of Vardenis), post-election passions are not calming down, despite the fact that the community is in a border area and has more problems than domestic stability[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Police cordoned off the municipal administration building in Vardenis on Tuesday, January 4, to prevent a local opposition figure from taking over as mayor of the eastern Armenian town and nearby villages. The mostly[...]

YEREVAN — The United Vardenis alliance of political parties on December 15 appealed the results of the recount of votes in the recent enlarged Vardenis community elections, as a result of which the December 18 session of the council of[...]

VARDENIS, Armenia – After attempts by Azerbaijan to advance in the area of Yeraskh failed, new attempts were made along the Vardenis-Karvachar line. Around 3:40 am on July 28, several groups of special Azerbaijani detachments, taking[...]