Serge Sargisian Pays Tribute to Memory of Victims Killed from Earthquake and Tsunami in Tokyo


TOKYO (Armenpress) — President Serge Sargisian was in Japan this week on an official visit.

In Sendai, Sargisian visited the Yuriage Shrine at Hiyoriyama memorial complex, paid tribute to the victims of tsunami, as well as familiarized himself with the works implemented to prevent the disastrous repercussions from natural disasters, the president’s press service said.

On behalf of the Armenian delegation, the president welcomed Sendai’s residents who suffered as a result of the disaster and conveyed to them the sympathy of the Armenian people. Sargisian stressed that hearing of the earthquake that struck Japan nearly a year ago, Armenians prayed for the people of Japan.

“A holy liturgy was celebrated in St. Gregory the Illuminator Church at that time. Thousands of Armenians joined the prayers,” he said.

Sargisian noted that grateful Armenian people have not forgotten the assistance and warmth of the Japanese, when in 1988 Armenia experienced similar difficulties dealing with the ramifications of the earthquake that hit Gumri.

The president of Armenia expressed confidence that the Japanese who have overcome great disasters throughout history will get through this difficulty as well, and the Japanese government together with people will manage to fully prepare themselves for future natural disasters.

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In Sendai, Sargisian was saw the plans for the reconstruction of the airport, which was destroyed by the tsunami.

Consequently, the Armenian president left from Sendai to Tokyo, where, on June 6, the meetings of the head of the republic with Japan’s top leadership were scheduled to be held.

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