By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach Special to the Mirror-Spectator BERLIN — Berlin played host last week to a group of teachers from Armenia and Georgia, who had come to learn more about the education system in the German Federal Republic. Their[...]

By Hratch Tchilingirian The debate on “Armenian identity” has a long history and is an ever-evolving discourse, especially in the Diaspora. At least in the last 100 years since 1915, along with efforts to build communities in[...]

By Armine Hovhannissian I admire successful people. They inspire me. Everyone has their own definition of “success.” I define success as someone who has reached their full potential, or at least uncovered the need towards progress.[...]

YEREVAN — The Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of Armenia has announced the following categories for awards in various creative categories for 2017, all through the TCA Shake Tekeyan-Ghazarian Endowment Fund:[...]

By Nora Armani Much has been written and said in the past few weeks, both in Armenia and in the Diaspora, about domestic violence and the urgent need to adopt a law criminalizing such behavior. The United Nations defines violence against[...]

STEPANAKERT (Combined Sources) — Nagorno Karabakh authorities said on February 25 that its troops repelled attacks by Azerbaijani armed forces in the southeastern and eastern sections of the front line. The military leadership in[...]

NEW YORK — It’s a remarkable Armenian village somewhere in Iraq with about 200 to 500 people. And it is surviving through courage, faith, fortitude and about 22 dedicated men against the massive force of the Islamic State. Its name,[...]

YEREVAN — The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity announced this week the appointment of Ernesto Zedillo to the 2017 Aurora Prize Selection Committee. The former president of Mexico joined members of the Aurora Selection Committee at a[...]

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach Special to the Mirror-Spectator WIESBADEN, Germany — If you have ever visited any of the world’s greatest art museums, like the Uffizi in Florence, the Pergamon in Berlin or the National Museum in Cairo, you[...]

MANCHESTER, UK (Combined Sources) — On Sunday, December 11, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, became the first ever Armenian-born player in the Premier League, the prestigious British soccer league, to score a goal. Mkhitaryan, who plays for[...]

By Gayane Muradyan YEREVAN — Aid from the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the US and Canada (TCA) continues to be distributed to the families of soldiers who lost their lives heroically in the four-day April war earlier this year.[...]