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Like many modern nation states, the United States of America was founded in genocide, upon the eradication of its indigenous population — in this case Native Americans. Our country was then physically built and enriched off the labor of[...]

YEREVAN / NICOSIA — Cypriot writer and translator Giorgos Moleskis was born in 1946 in Lysi, Cyprus. He studied at the Nicosia English College and at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. He has an M.A. in Russian language and[...]

Sitting halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, Racine may not be a place that many of us have spent much time pondering, but to poet David Kherdian, it means everything. Kherdian grew up in this midwestern town on the shores of Lake[...]

“The Marrow of Longing”: a strange but fitting title for an idiosyncratic and ultimately satisfying book of poetry. Dancer, poet, professor, spiritualist: Celeste Nazeli Snowber is a polymath and interdisciplinary artist who has[...]

Caveat Lector: Reader Beware! Shahe Mankerian new book, History of Forgetfulness, is no walk in the park. The poet takes an honest and often devastating look at events from his childhood when the 1975 Civil War broke out in Beirut. Death[...]

Aaron Poochigian’s fourth book of poetry, American Divine, confirms him as one of our important poets, with both a formal mastery of his craft and important things to say about the human condition in 21st century America. While he was[...]

David Kherdian’s hometown, Racine, Wis., is a “desolate and broken town,” an abandoned Midwestern city of factories, mines and railroad tracks. Where there once was togetherness and community, there now is division and[...]

To you liberals, of course, goats are just sheep from broken homes.  – Malcolm Bradbury Winner of the 2017 Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry, James Najarian’s The Goat Songs is many things: an American pastoral to Berks County,[...]

YEREVAN/NOVOSIBIRSK — Sasha Zaitseva is a modern Russian poet, art activist and editor. She is the author of the collection of poems titled The Snow That Was Not, published in Germany, laureate of several international literary[...]

NEW YORK  —  This second experimental video collaboration among artists Aram Bajakian, Kevork Mourad and Alan Semerdjian comprises a poem by Semerdjian titled “Writing about It Again” about his grandfather, while Mourad deftly[...]