Topic: Autism

YEREVAN — It was February 17 in Zvartnots airport, and two young men shared the stool at the red piano and played with energy and passion. It was before the Coronavirus pandemic had brought international travel to a halt, and they were[...]

YEREVAN — There had been plans and revisions, deadlines missed and newly defined. The second building of the My Way Socio-Rehabilitation Day Care Center for people with autism was to be reconstructed, its spacious classrooms and[...]

GLENDALE, Calif. – On September 12, 2019, the Tekeyan Cultural Association Metro Los Angeles chapter joined forces with the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS) and the Armenian Autism Outreach Project (AAOP) to present an[...]

ISTANBUL — People with autism require very special care, and there are precious few facilities providing adequate facilities and personnel to deal with their needs. Armenia is fortunate to have one such establishment; however, being the[...]