By Florence Avakian NEW YORK — He was larger than life – a man truly dedicated to his family, to his church, to his profession, to all whom he could help, and to his countrymen in Armenia, Artsakh and America. And he generously[...]

PARAMUS, N.J. — The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Greater New York Chapter is hosting a gala banquet on Saturday, October 15 commemorating the 75th anniversary of TCA worldwide. TCA is dedicated to advancing Armenian culture through[...]

By David Nutt ITHACA, N.Y. (Cornell Chronicle) — A new report from the Cornell-led Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW) has compiled decades of high-resolution satellite imagery to document the complete destruction of Armenian cultural[...]

By Elise Antreassian Special to the Mirror-Spectator NEW YORK — In 2010, UNESCO declared Western Armenian an endangered language, which, by their definition, was a language likely to become extinct in the near future because its speakers[...]

NEW YORK — “Art to Learn, Art to Live,” is a group exhibition of works by Lebanon’s leading contemporary painters, photographers, sculptors, and multimedia artists creating in Lebanon and internationally. The exhibition will take[...]

NEW YORK — In the wake of a horrific fire that swept through a crowded Coptic Church in Egypt on August 14, Diocesan Primate Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan extended the condolences of the Eastern Diocese to Bishop David, leader of America’s[...]

NEW YORK — The eminent Armenologist and Byzantinist Prof. Nina G. Garsoïan passed away on August 14. She broke a number of glass ceilings in academia, both as a woman and as a specialist in Armenian Studies. She was born in Paris in[...]

NEW YORK — Raymond Vahan Damadian, MD, died on August 3. He was 86. Dr. Damadian was a member of the Armenian American Healthcare Providers Organization (AAHPO), physician, medical practitioner, and inventor of the first MR (magnetic[...]

By Janice Onanian McMahon Tatev, an Armenian-New Yorker, a multidisciplinary artist who writes the kind of music and possesses the kind of voice that feels right at home in rock, jazz, soul, Armenian folk, classical and pop, is reaching[...]