ITHACA, N.Y. —  Given the increasing danger of the Azerbaijani government’s aggressive actions toward Karabakh and Armenia, and the penchant for falsifying history at the highest state levels of the Republics of Turkey and Azerbaijan,[...]

By Florence Avakian NEW YORK — He was larger than life – a man truly dedicated to his family, to his church, to his profession, to all whom he could help, and to his countrymen in Armenia, Artsakh and America. And he generously[...]

PARAMUS, N.J. — The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Greater New York Chapter is hosting a gala banquet on Saturday, October 15 commemorating the 75th anniversary of TCA worldwide. TCA is dedicated to advancing Armenian culture through[...]

By David Nutt ITHACA, N.Y. (Cornell Chronicle) — A new report from the Cornell-led Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW) has compiled decades of high-resolution satellite imagery to document the complete destruction of Armenian cultural[...]

By Elise Antreassian Special to the Mirror-Spectator NEW YORK — In 2010, UNESCO declared Western Armenian an endangered language, which, by their definition, was a language likely to become extinct in the near future because its speakers[...]

NEW YORK — “Art to Learn, Art to Live,” is a group exhibition of works by Lebanon’s leading contemporary painters, photographers, sculptors, and multimedia artists creating in Lebanon and internationally. The exhibition will take[...]

NEW YORK — In the wake of a horrific fire that swept through a crowded Coptic Church in Egypt on August 14, Diocesan Primate Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan extended the condolences of the Eastern Diocese to Bishop David, leader of America’s[...]

NEW YORK — The eminent Armenologist and Byzantinist Prof. Nina G. Garsoïan passed away on August 14. She broke a number of glass ceilings in academia, both as a woman and as a specialist in Armenian Studies. She was born in Paris in[...]

NEW YORK — Raymond Vahan Damadian, MD, died on August 3. He was 86. Dr. Damadian was a member of the Armenian American Healthcare Providers Organization (AAHPO), physician, medical practitioner, and inventor of the first MR (magnetic[...]