Robert Kocharyan

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — The judge presiding over the trial of Robert Kocharyan has allowed the former Armenian president to visit Moscow for the second time in less than two months, it emerged on Tuesday, February 2. A trial prosecutor,[...]

By Van Lapoyan The purpose of this article is to try to find out what went wrong and why. I am sure that more investigations in the future will be required to have a thorough and detailed understanding of what happened. However, for the[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has confirmed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertion that he could have stopped the war in Nagorno-Karabakh three weeks before the Armenian-Armenian ceasefire brokered by Moscow[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian Armenia attained its independence some three decades ago, and it has yet to find a way to successfully use that independence to further its goals. Crisis after crisis have upset the country, hindering its economic[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Armenia’s top government officials and politicians attended on Sunday, October 27, an official ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of an armed attack on the Armenian parliament which left its popular speaker Karen[...]

A whirlwind of political events is plaguing the Middle East and the Caucasus with potential fallout for Armenia, yet the Armenian political establishment and its media are interested mostly in debating domestic issues, sometimes amplifying[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the wife of Robert Kocharyan, his former Armenian counterpart arrested on controversial coup and corruption charges, late on Tuesday at the end of his latest visit to Armenia.[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Two supporters of Robert Kocharyan were arrested over the weekend on charges of harassing a judge presiding over the trial of Armenia’s jailed former president. In an incident broadcast live on Facebook, the young[...]

By Philippe Raffi Kalfayan Special to the Mirror-Spectator I have never described the events of April-May 2018 as a “revolution” for two reasons. The first is that Serzh Sargsyan gave up power with reason and wisdom, making the[...]

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — A district court in Yerevan rejected on September 17 former President Robert Kocharyan’s latest demand for his release from prison which followed a Constitutional Court ruling on coup charges brought against him.[...]