Peter Balakian

WATERTOWN — Peter Balakian, Pulitzer Prize winning author of eight books of poetry and four of prose, continues to explore the Armenian past and future. In May 2015 he went[...]

LOS ANGELES — The International Armenian Literary Alliance, in partnership with AGBU, presents “Break the Silence,” a reading hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner Peter Balakian, featuring besieged journalists from the[...]

YEREVAN — A conference of international scholars, “Children and Nation: Forceable Child Transfer and the Genocide Convention Through Historical and Contemporary Lenses” was hosted by the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute[...]

BELMONT, Mass. — On April 27, poetry, medicine and the Armenian Genocide converged at a program at the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) featuring Peter Balakian speaking[...]

BELMONT, Mass. — The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) and the Armenian American Medical Association will present a special program by Peter Balakian on literature and medicine,[...]

By Prof. Tessa Hofmann Special to the Mirror-Spectator Writing about genocide is one of the greatest literary challenges, especially when it involves one’s own or family experience. Most often, the[...]

By Carlos Antaramián Special to the Mirror-Spectator MEXICO CITY — On Saturday, February 18, some members of the Armenian community in Mexico gathered at the “Armenian Clock” in Mexico City[...]

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Peter Balakian is one of the most masterful English-language poets Armenians have as a voice in the contemporary world. The Boston area had a rare opportunity on[...]

By Florence Avakian NEW YORK — It was a memorial tribute to an Armenian individual who embodied the best in education, scholarship, compassion and philanthropy. “What a voyage I have[...]

WATERTOWN — Armenians sometimes wonder if their voice is audible in the world, especially during times of crisis. In the realm of literature, and poetry in particular, there is no[...]