Hayk Kotanjian

By Dr. Hayk Kotanjian and Dr. Arthur Atanesyan Your Excellences, Presidents of the Russian Federation, the US, and France! In the holy period between the Catholic-Protestant and Apostolic-Orthodox celebration of Christmas, we have the[...]

By Prof. Hayk Kotanjian and Prof. Arthur Atanesyan At the recent press conference of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov dedicated to European security, Lavrov expressed the opinion that the leaders of[...]

By Lt. Gen. Hayk Kotanjian Special to the Mirror-Spectator Given the growing threat of the ouster of Russia from the South Caucasus, I would like to focus on large-scale and at the same time practically realizable possibilities of[...]

By Hayk Kotanjian Special to the Mirror-Spectator On September 7, 2022, President Vladimir Putin provided international legal argumentation for the legitimacy of self-determination of Kosovo during his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum[...]