Ardashes “Ardy” Kassakhian

GLENDALE, Calif. – Glendale City Councilmember Ardy Kassakhian joined the board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California on June 9 as the city’s representative. Kassakhian, who took his seat as[...]

GLENDALE — As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rages through the United States, the city of Glendale with its large Armenian community have geared up to take protective measures. As of April 6, Glendale had 142 known cases of[...]

GLENDALE — Ardashes “Ardy” Kassakhian, who has served as Glendale City Clerk from 2005 (see Mirror-Spectator), is making his bid for one of the three seats available on Glendale City Council. He is running in a full field for the[...]