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Amnésie Internationale – Children of Artsakh

December 26, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Amnésie Internationale, created in 2001 by the Armenian Youth of France (Jeunesse Arménienne de France, aka “la JAF”), is a France-based organization whose work has been dedicated to the expert, yet lively analysis of the main topics related to the Crime of Genocide: memory work, resistance to negationism, and the prevention of all correlated barbaric acts – so that history does not repeat itself.

This 10th edition of the Amnésie Festival is a little different though.

In the course of this already very special year that has been 2020, the situation instantly became “something else” when the invasion was launched at the end of September – and the overhanging shadow of truly possible genocidal actions suddenly came in and struck us all – a totally unwished for, yet happening for real this time, ‘reality check’.

The initial concept of the nine previous events of Amnésie Internationale’s, organized both in Marseilles and Paris, and packed with passionate talks between Armenian, Jewish, Gypsy, Cambodian, Tutsi or even Turkish historians preceding the musical nights that took place at each edition of the Festival – was always to bring people together, to create understanding, and to generate love, and hope.

Today, faced with the current situation in Artsakh and Armenia, Amnésie Internationale’s response is to be back with an ‘artistic vengeance’, filled with love and hope.

As a direct consequence of the recent war in the South Caucasus, after having endured the trauma of escaping scattering cluster munitions and white phosphorus shellings, over 30.000 children are now facing extremely difficult living conditions. Hundreds of them have lost a father, a mother, or both. Thousands have no more home to go to, no shelters, no heating – and winter is here, and winter is cold in the mountains of Artsakh and Armenia. Most of these 30.000 kids cannot even attend school anymore. Obviousy, Amnésie Internationale couldn’t just stand watching.

A great online show to help and support the children of Artsakh and Armenia has therefore been organized for the Festival’s 10th edition (due to Covid-related issues, this Special Show will be broadcasted online).

Over 50 French and International artists have already accepted to participate to this special show! Today’s most famous French artists have united with great musicians from Armenia (and/or of Armenian descent), and many US artists have joined the event too!

From Classical music to Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul, Traditional Armenian Music, Pop Music, and more, this special event will definitely help the Children of Artsakh and of Armenia build a new future.

This Fundraiser will be streamed live on Facebook, and will then be available till January 10th, 2021, on YouTube and 6play, the replay channel of M6, third most watched television network in the French-speaking world. The funds raised by this online benefit concert will help the children and their tens of thousands of displaced parents find a new home. Over 100.000 Armenians have been forced to flee their lands, once again, bringing back the ill memory of the 1915 genocide. This large-scale migration of people from a land that literally changed owners overnight has had terrible repercussions. The youth now needs a new future, filled with hope, and beaming with light, to drive away the dark days it has just suffered.

Yes, the Children of Artsakh and Armenia deserve a bright, new future. And together, we can all help them in building it. Now is the time to make a difference!


December 26, 2020
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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