WATERTOWN – The one-time flourishing Lebanese-Armenian community today faces a serious crisis of survival. Our communities are duty-bound to help the Lebanese-Armenians, based on the principle of mutual assistance of Armenian diasporan[...]

While the population in Armenia is experiencing a crisis within a crisis, meaning political instability during the coronavirus pandemic, Armenians in Lebanon are facing a triple crisis: an economic meltdown during the pandemic in addition[...]

BEIRUT (news.am) — Starting on June 11, Turkey-led groups have been literally firing at Lebanese-Armenians. This is what Lebanese-Armenian public figure Sako Arian wrote in his Facebook post under the title “Troubling News from the[...]

The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) this week issued a letter seeking help for the Armenian community in Lebanon, whose precarious fate was being battered by the fallout from the COVID-19 quarantine. The letter appears[...]

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Perhaps the most resilient country in the Middle East, this sliver of land enveloped by the glistening Mediterranean has faced adversity time and again throughout its storied history. Thousands have taken to the streets[...]

WATERTOWN – The Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the United States and Canada (TCA) has sent the Vahan Tekeyan School of Beirut, Lebanon an emergency donation of $10,000 due to the difficulties it faces as a[...]

BEIRUT — On April 9, Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) party and Tekeyan Cultural Association leader Krikor Kuredjian passed away after a long illness. Because of Coronavirus imposed laws, the funeral service took place privately at the[...]

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — A delegation led by Minister of National Defense of Lebanon Elias Bou Saab arrived in Yerevan on September 19 on an official visit. Following the official welcoming ceremony, the Lebanese and Armenian Defense[...]

BEIRUT — On July 30, the legal team of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia, under the leadership of Catholicos Aram I, filed a case in the 2nd Kozan Court of First Instance against the Kozan Municipality and the Turkish State Treasury[...]

BIKFAYA, Lebanon — On Friday, July 5, Catholicos Aram I of the Holy See of Cilicia received a delegation of members of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) Supreme Council at St. Mary Monastery in Bikfaya. The delegation was[...]