PARIS ( — The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, in  a post on Twitter (X) on November 7, detailed her discussions with the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal[...]

By Rafael Castro Special to the Mirror-Spectator In the turbulent landscape of geopolitics and regional conflicts, nations must sometimes take bold steps to ensure their sovereignty and security. Armenia, a[...]

PARIS (Azatutyun) — France pledged to boost Armenia’s air defenses, train Armenian military personnel and help the South Caucasus country reform its armed forces as the French group Thales and[...]

PARIS — “Wars may come to an end, but traumas last for a long time thereafter. All wars present the same forms of horror, and they leave survivors with weighty[...]

PARIS — At the initiative of Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, several local authorities have joined forces to provide emergency humanitarian aid to Artsakh, which has been under siege since[...]

PARIS (Combined Sources) — On June 15, at the Saint-Honoré Church in Paris, the shirt worn by the AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud during the quarter-final match between France and England at[...]

PARIS — As if in accordance with the above quote from a Charles Aznavour song, “La Mamma,” on Wednesday June 28, 1,500 people flocked to the prestigious Salle Gaveau in[...]

PARIS — Shooting began recently on the Charles Aznavour biopic, titled “Monseiur Aznavour,” by Grand Corps Malade (Fabien Marceau) and Medhi Idir, co-directors of several feature films since 2017. The[...]

PARIS — On the day of the commemoration of General Charles de Gaulle’s “Appel du 18 juin” 1940 speech, the start of the French Resistance to[...]

PARIS — Mariam Torosyan, founder and CEO of Safe YOU, has been named one of the top three impact-driven entrepreneurs in Europe by the Cartier Women’s Initiative’s Regional Award. The[...]