YEREVAN/CAIRO — Alla Vats is a renowned Russian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She was born in 1985 in Yerevan. When she was 8, she and her family moved to St.[...]

By Maydaa Nadar Special to the Mirror-Spectator ISMAILIA, Egypt — In one of Armenia’s villages, Avtona, there resides a young Yezidi boy. He is around 12 years old and is[...]

CAIRO — A group of Egyptian-Armenian youth succeeded recently in reaching the top of Mount Ararat, where they raised the flags of Armenia and Egypt at an altitude of 5,165[...]

CAIRO — My friends, Haig Avakian and Martiros Palaian, hosted me last November in Cairo, allowing me to realize my wish to interview one of the Armenian stars of Egyptian[...]

CAIRO — During my trip to Egypt last November, I had a pleasant meeting with ballet dancer Mariam Karapetyan, who is the Prima Ballerina of the Cairo Opera Ballet Company.[...]

By Maydaa Nadar Special to the Mirror-Spectator CAIRO — The Ismailia-Armenian community is one of the few that has succeeded in preserving its rich culture, coupled with integration into Egyptian[...]

YEREVAN / CAIRO — Haig Avakian born in 1964, Cairo, is a musicologist, pianist, vocal coach, chorus master, publicist and philologist. He studied at Noubarian Armenian School, Heliopolis, Cairo; in[...]

By Maydaa Nadar Special to the Mirror-Spectator CAIRO — His latest exhibition of sculptures and paintings is called Taking Time, which took place at the Flora Bigai Arte Contemporanea gallery[...]

YEREVAN / CAIRO — My subject is Essam Nagy, a 42-year-old Egyptian photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker, the director of the documentary, “In the Beginning Was Armenia,” which he made[...]

By Razmig Bedirian PARIS ( — When Kegham Djeghalian stumbled upon three red boxes tucked away and forgotten in his father’s wardrobe in Cairo three years ago, he couldn’t believe his[...]