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By Edmond Y. Azadian The current year has proved to be an eventful one for Armenia. At first, life was continuing along its normal course, the economy remained stagnant, the flow of emigration did not slacken and the government remained in[...]

By Thomas C. Nash Mirror-Spectator Staff COLUMBUS, Ohio — New details continue to emerge in the lead-up to the scheduled September 3 hearing in a case pitting US Rep. Jean Schmidt against an Armenian-American opponent who claims she took[...]

Copies of the motion to dismiss and added claim appear at the end of this article. By Thomas C. Nash Mirror-Spectator Staff COLUMBUS, Ohio — During a probable cause hearing on August 13, the legal team for Rep. Jean Schmidt dropped four[...]

By Daphne Abeel Mirror-Spectator Staff PORTLAND, Maine — It’s not a great pun, but you could call Gerard Kaladjian the Armenian community’s “Maine Man.” Now a resident of Portland, Kaladjian, who was born in Damascus, moved here[...]