US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton this week paid a visit to Moscow and the Caucasus. While meeting with the Russian officialdom and in particular with President Vladimir Putin, he was uncharacteristically[...]

After completing his three-and-a-half year tenure in Yerevan, US Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills has chosen to leave while making incendiary remarks rather than parting quietly with fond memories. During his term in Armenia, a[...]

By Raffi Bedrosyan In August 2018, US President Trump angrily announced that sanctions will be implemented against Turkey, and personally against the Turkish ministers of interior and justice. What was the reason for Trump’s fury? The[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian Armenia’s political reformation course, which was halted for a short period to accommodate the convocation of the Francophonie conference, is to resume with the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on[...]

By Nora Armani Charles Aznavour, Shahnour Vaghinak Aznavourian, is no more. An era has come to an end. A great man has died, one who was the author of thousands of poems turned into songs that portrayed every single universal nuance of the[...]

Having survived an assassination attempt in my youth as a journalist, every case of violence against fellow journalists brings back painful memories. There are two categories of journalists: palace journalists and mission journalists.[...]

The formation of a new political party — Sasna Tsrer — was hailed by an editor in a recent column titled “Farewell to Arms.” Although the title is most fitting to the issue, it is not related in any way to the book of the same name[...]

To the Editor: After months of turmoil, there seems to be a reprieve with regard to the initial plan to “sell or lease” the air rights of the Cathedral/Diocesan property. For the time being there is calm in the waters, but that does[...]

To the Editor: The recent letters to the editor in the Mirror-Spectator by two members of the St. Nersess Seminary Board of Directors, Kevork Toroyan (August 25, 2018) and Moushegh Michael Haratunian (September 20, 2018 online), advocating[...]

Yerevan Mayoral Race Is Dry Run for Parliamentary Elections By Edmond Y. Azadian These are not ordinary times in Yerevan, nor was the mayoral race ordinary which took place on September 23. The snap election to choose a new mayor for the[...]

To the Editor: Having just read the vicious letter sent by Rebecca Bakalian Hachikian from Los Angeles (see MS September 8 issue), attacking Jim Kalustian, chairman of the Diocesan Council and longtime servant of the Armenian Church, I am[...]