By Raffi Bedrosyan Hidden Armenians are the present descendants of Armenian orphans left behind in Turkey after the 1915 Armenian Genocide. These orphans, the living victims of the Genocide, were forcibly assimilated, Islamized, Turkified[...]

By Ismail Akbulut On August 3, a hate-driven heinous mass shooting targeting immigrants in El Paso, Texas left 22 people dead and added another chapter to the saddest of American stories. The tragedy made me reflect on the lives lost. They[...]

Jerusalem is one of the most hotly-contested cities in the world. Consequently, to discuss any issue relating to the Armenian presence in that holy city is equally controversial. However, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is a badge[...]

There are a number of valuable Armenian properties around the world which have played a historic role in preserving Armenian heritage. But with the change in the demographic profile in the countries where those properties are located, the[...]

Armenians all over the world are eager to recover properties left within the borders of the Republic of Turkey after the Genocide. The Ittihadist Party, which perpetrated the Genocide and carried out the expulsion of the Armenian[...]

One of the major factors which precipitated the Velvet Revolution in Armenia was the deep-rooted lawlessness which benefitted the oligarchic system. People were sick and tired of the uneven application of the law, which often resulted in[...]

By Tina Chakarian In May 2019, the Republic of Armenia presented “Revolutionary Sensorium” at what is perhaps the most prestigious international art exhibition of our era — La Biennale di Venezia. The Armenian Pavilion was inspired[...]

A Ukraine-based political analyst called Oleg Sahakyan has made a significant statement about Armenia during an interview with an online news outlet in Ukraine. The analyst said that he believes that Armenia has been making major strides[...]

We have always characterized Armenia’s neighbor, Georgia, as a “friendly foe,” which Armenia has to treat with kid gloves. Historically the two nations share many traits and experiences; at times, they have been ruled by the same[...]

By Gilbert Bilezikian, ThD We Armenians have reached a point in the history of our nation when the survivors of our Genocide, our parents and grandparents, have left us for their eternal destiny, taking with them their sufferings, their[...]

The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan are heading to Washington for another round of talks within the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). These talks have become routine rituals, where[...]