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By Harut Akopyan I’m writing this as a personal manifesto intended first and foremost for myself, but also for the sake and memory of the dead and the eulogy of the living ignorant. To clarify, I am convinced that these two groups[...]

Events in the Middle East are moving at a dizzying pace, and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in the midst of all these movements like a medieval juggler pulling tricks out of his sleeves to the amazement of his audience. All[...]

By Hayk Demoyan On November 24 of this year, Armenia is going to sign an accord with the European Union during the EU summit in Brussels. Although some may call it a moment of truth, one should foresee that any move towards closer[...]

The referendum held on September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan triggered a political movement in the entire Middle East, whose outcome is difficult to forecast at this time. It is ironic that in another part of the world, namely Europe, a[...]