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By Hayk Demoyan Special to the Mirror-Spectator It seems that a pro-Stalinist flavor slowly is seeping through Armenia as official policy. Recent public discussion on television and social networks on the renaming of streets in Armenia,[...]

Armenia’s hostile relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, compounded by tense relations between Russia and Georgia, render the Caucasus a very explosive powder keg. How would the injection of the Israeli factor affect the region? This is[...]

If this title looks like an oxymoron, it is. The windfall is compensation from the Turkish government for the confiscation of Armenian church property. The compensation has divided the community vertically yet united them horizontally. The[...]

Armenia is caught in the snare of an evil triangle, both politically and strategically, much like the Bermuda Triangle. The jury is out on the scientific verification of the Bermuda Triangle, but the dangers emanating from the one[...]