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By David Boyajian Assyrians and Armenians have lived near each other for thousands of years and shared similar trials and tribulations. So as an Armenian American in an audience of about sixteen Assyrian Americans, I knew I was among[...]

The formation of a new political party — Sasna Tsrer — was hailed by an editor in a recent column titled “Farewell to Arms.” Although the title is most fitting to the issue, it is not related in any way to the book of the same name[...]

To the Editor: After months of turmoil, there seems to be a reprieve with regard to the initial plan to “sell or lease” the air rights of the Cathedral/Diocesan property. For the time being there is calm in the waters, but that does[...]

To the Editor: The recent letters to the editor in the Mirror-Spectator by two members of the St. Nersess Seminary Board of Directors, Kevork Toroyan (August 25, 2018) and Moushegh Michael Haratunian (September 20, 2018 online), advocating[...]