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A nightmarish scenario is unfolding in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh): while David Babayan, a spokesperson for the president of the republic warns of “concentrations of Azerbaijani Army units where they were not supposed to enter,” former[...]

It is a time of hesitation and meditation. All “color” revolutions in the past decade have brought confusion and turmoil in their wake. Can Armenia’s velvet revolution prove to be any different and better because it was executed[...]

How many nations have to recognize the Armenian Genocide so that we can move ahead to the compensation phase? In 103 years, more than 20 countries have recognized it. Do we need to wait until all 193 members of the United Nations extend[...]

Every time I return from a trip to Armenia, I find the flight full of Asian and European travelers. I often have wondered what attracts those visitors to Armenia. A few random questions reveal that many people visit Armenia to learn about[...]