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BELMONT, Mass. — On October 5 a panel discussion on “Expanding Inclusion of Media Literacy in Education in Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities” showcased a delegation of Armenian educators and media specialists at the National[...]

As the siege of east Aleppo enters its fourth month, how are medical staff coping? Doctors in east Aleppo are working in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and there are shortages of health staff, fuel, drugs and medical supplies. As[...]

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach Special to the Mirror-Spectator Living in Europe, the past envelops you like a warm garment, and is never absent, especially the recent past, say developments over the last century. This is particularly true of[...]

By Robert Fisk The ‘Liberation’ Mosque is a fine, neo-classical, almost Gothic construction with striped black-and-white stone banding, unusual for a Muslim holy place but a jewel in the Tepebasi district of the old town of Gaziantep.[...]