Armenian Genocide

By Edmond Y. Azadian Pontius Pilates have survived Jesus’ era and they are around still today to pass judgments on political and historical problems. They all gang up on Armenians who cannot offer neither oil nor strategic territory to[...]

By Desmond Butler WASHINGTON (Associated Press) — A US congressional resolution that would recognize World War I-era killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide could go forward despite opposition from the Obama[...]

ISTANBUL (Agence France Presse) — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday he had no immediate plans to expel illegal Armenian workers after his threat to do so sparked a barrage of criticism at home and[...]

By Taleen Babayan FLUSHING, N.Y. — Three Armenian Genocide survivors recounted their stories of survival at the New York Armenian Home in Flushing, Queens on Sunday afternoon March[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian When House Resolution 252 was adopted by the US Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Swedish Parliament passed the Genocide Resolution, Turkish leaders realized the domino effect that those political actions may trigger[...]

WASHINGTON (Cyprus Action Network of America) — Rep. Michael McMahon has become bankrolled by the Turkish Coalition of America, according to the Cyprus Action Network of America[...]

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Combined Sources) — Armenia’s leaders thanked Sweden’s parliament on Friday for adopting a resolution that recognizes the Armenian Genocide committed at the order of the Ottoman leaders. President Serge Sargisian[...]

By Andy Turpin Mirror-Spectator Staff WATERTOWN, Mass. — On March 5, the US House of Representa-tives Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted H. Res. 252 recognizing the genocide of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire despite intervention by[...]

By Haroutioun Diratzouian The majority of the articles about the Armenian-Turkish protocols, which have appeared in the diasporan news media, express a favorable viewpoint with respect to the opening of the borders between Turkey and[...]

To the Editor: Many of the non-Turkish deniers of the truth of the Armenian Genocide are on the payroll of the Turkish government. Harvey Silverglate is using the stratagem of defending the principle of freedom of speech for the same[...]

Book Review: Rebel Land: Unraveling the Riddle of History in a Turkish Town by Christopher de Bellaigue. Penguin Press. 270 pp. $25.95.  ISBN 978-1-59420-252-0 By Daphne Abeel Special to the Mirror-Spectator First off, many Armenians are[...]