YEREVAN — On December 1, Hagop Avedikian, chairman of ADL Armenagan party of Armenia (at left), and Edward Aydinyan, chairman of ADL Armenia, announced at a joint press conference at the Marriott Armenia Hotel that the two parties are[...]

By Hagop Vartivarian BEIRUT — While still a 27-year-old youth, Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) Party member Parounag Tovmassian intended to found an organ for the ADL in Beirut. It was not possible to provide national leadership in[...]

YEREVAN — On the occasion of the first day of academic school year of 2011-2012, Papken Megerian, co-chair of the ADL District Committee of USA and Canada and a member of the Central Board of Tekeyan Cultural Association, visited the[...]

YEREVAN — ADL Eastern District Committee Co-Chairs Edmond Azadian and Papken Megerian are visiting Armenia to meet with government and ecclesiastical officials regarding the issues the ADL and the diaspora in general are facing now.[...]

    NEW YORK — On Wednesday, March 30, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) District Committee members met with Armenia’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Garen Nazarian, at his[...]

MONTREAL — The 82nd General Assembly of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization’s Eastern District Committee of United States and Canada was convened on November 14 in the Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Center[...]

MONTREAL — During the 82nd annual convention of the Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) organization held at the Tekeyan Center here, three new members joined the organization and became full members of the Tomassian/Papazian[...]

By Inga Petrosyan VANADZOR, Armenia — The number of Armenagan-Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) chapters has increased by one. On Monday, November 8, a new Armenagan- ADL chapter, named for Parounag Tomassian, one of the party’s pioneers,[...]

By Betty Apigian Kessel DETROIT — The local Armenian Democratic League (ADL) and Tekeyan Cultural Association always manage to present an interesting array of people and topics to educate and entertain the local community in honor of[...]

By Thomas C. Nash Special to the Mirror-Spectator BOSTON — Nearly five years after the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) first filed a lawsuit challenging the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in Massachusetts classrooms,[...]

NEW YORK — The following interview was conducted by Hagop Vartivarian, chair of the ADL Press Committee, recently in New York, with Dr. Edgar Housepian, before he was honored by the Fund for Armenian Relief on Friday, January[...]