Galvanizing the Diaspora with Grant Opportunities


YEREVAN — The Galvanizing Diaspora program offers ten grants, each worth $10,000, to Diaspora-based Armenians who have pan-Armenian ideas and want to bring them to life. The program is implemented by the Armenia 2041 Foundation established by Noubar Afeyan and Ruben Vardanyan. The foundation continues the founders’ strategic mission of strengthening Armenia and the global Armenian nation.

Best known for the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, the dedicated duo of Noubar and Ruben, along with likeminded individuals, have pioneered over 700 projects showcasing their steadfast commitment to humanitarian causes, socio-economic development, ecological sustainability, and advancements in education, science, and technology.

“With the Galvanizing Diaspora program, we want to thank those who have been active in the communities for years and acknowledge their efforts towards our common goals through grants. At the same time, we want to signal to the new generations that any activity taken to cement us as a nation will be admired, appreciated, and saluted. Our efforts are not merely limited to receiving applications and distributing grants. Rather, we are forming a network where Armenians help each other to thrive. This is why the Galvanizing Diaspora program also includes a mentorship component. We are trying to connect Armenians from various communities to each other and help them grow,” said Arman Jilavian, head of the Armenia 2041 Foundation.

“This program wants to invigorate Armenian communities worldwide and reinforce their dedication to the Armenian causes. The topics that we support range from cultural promotion to entrepreneurship for youth. It warms our hearts to see how many bright and dedicated Armenians are coming forward with brilliant ideas,” noted Hasmik Hayrapetyan, the program’s manager.

So far, over 150 proposals have been pitched to the team. Each idea is as vibrant as its place of origin. Armenians from Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Iraq, Argentina, Brazil, USA, and Canada apply to receive funding for initiatives such as improving mental health, producing podcasts, organizing international conferences, building Armenian parks, enriching Armenian museums, and researching lost Armenian recipes, to name just a few.

The initiative that has already gained popularity among diaspora Armenians promises to open new doors for collaboration and cooperation between Armenians around the world. Interested parties can visit the program website at to familiarize themselves with all the details, check their eligibility and apply. Applications are accepted till June 30, 2024.

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