New Children’s Book Series ‘Growing Up Proud’ Celebrates Armenian Culture and Tradition


LOS ANGELES — Steve Boyadzhyan, an Armenian-American author, has launched a new children’s book series, “Growing Up Proud,” now available on Amazon. The series is focused on teaching young Armenian children about their culture, tradition, and the importance of healthy habits, inclusivity, following dreams, and being helpful to others.

The series currently includes four books, Jace The Armenian Boy Who Loves…Healthy Habits, Sienna The Armenian Girl’s…World Adventures, Jace The Armenian Boy Who…Reaches For The Stars and Sienna The Armenian Girl Who…Loves to Help. Each book highlights a different value and lesson for children, encouraging them to embrace their Armenian identity and celebrate their unique heritage.

With the upcoming Easter holiday, Boyadzhyan has also released two new books in the series, Sienna The Armenian Girl’s…Easter Celebrations and Jace The Armenian Boy’s…EGG-Citing Easter. Additionally, as April marks Armenian History Month, these books serve as an excellent tool for celebrating the rich culture, history, and identity of Armenian people.

Boyadzhyan, who is passionate about educating young children about their culture and tradition, said, “I’m thrilled to share the ‘Growing Up Proud’ series with Armenian children across the diaspora. Through these books, I hope to instill a sense of pride and love for their Armenian identity and heritage. My goal is to inspire young readers to be confident, inclusive, and compassionate individuals who will contribute to making the world a better place.”

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