Nikol Pashinyan greets French OSCE Co-Chair Brice Roquefeuil.

Azerbaijan’s Actions Nothing but Terrorism, Pashinyan Tells French OSCE Co-Chair


YEREVAN (Public Radio of Armenia) — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the French Co-Chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group Brice Roquefeuil on March 6.

Pashinyan drew the attention of the French co-chair to the attack carried out by the Azerbaijani armed forces in Nagorno Karabakh on March 5, as a result of which three officers of the passport and visa department of the Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nagorno Karabakh were killed and one was injured.

Pashinyan emphasized that the actions of Azerbaijan cannot be described as anything other than terrorism and added that parallel to the blocking the Lachin Corridor and the actions aimed at provoking a humanitarian disaster in Nagorno-Karabakh for almost three months, Azerbaijan continues the actions of terrorizing the Armenian population of Artsakh with the ultimate goal of accomplishing ethnic cleansing.

Both sides emphasized the need for Azerbaijan to immediately implement the decision of the International Court of Justice on unblocking the Lachin Corridor.

At the same time, Pashinyan added that, under the existing conditions, sending an international fact-finding team to the Lachin Corridor and Nagorno Karabakh becomes a vital necessity.

Issues related to the process of normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the Nagorno Karabakh issue were also discussed.

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The two also discussed the importance of the activity of the European Union civilian mission in Armenia, which will contribute to regional stability and peace.


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