Swiss Members of Parliament in Jermuk

YEREVAN (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Lawmakers from the National Council of the Swiss Confederation on Sunday, October 16, visited the resort town of Jermuk, which was heavily bombarded in Azerbaijan’s recent aggression against Armenia

“It hurt to see what the Azerbaijanis did here in Jermuk. It used to be a peaceful place and now it spreads terror among the people. It’s horrible for me to see all this,” said Stefan Müller-Altermatt, the Co-Chair of the Switzerland-Armenia Parliamentary Group.

The Azerbaijanis, using weapons of different caliber and distance, damaged the infrastructure of the city. Jermuk Resort, guest houses and roads were damaged too. The enemy also used cluster munitions, which are prohibited by the international Conventions.

“In Geneva we adopted a Resolution to condemn the Azerbaijani aggression of September 13-14. This is one level. Now, we must go further to the Federal Assembly: this is important. This is not only Switzerland, but also the whole Europe, because we share the same values – democracy, human rights and international law,” said lawmaker Michel Matter.

Müller-Altermatt highlighted the fact that they are in Jermuk shortly after the attacks. According to him, they stand not only with the colleagues of the parliament, but also with all Armenian people.

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