Melanie Tuyssuzian

Meet Intern Mélanie Tuyssuzian


WATERTOWN — The newest intern for the Armenian Mirror-Spectator has come from across the ocean to experience life at an Armenian-American newspaper.

Mélanie Tuyssuzian, 22, is from Paris, where she lives with her parents and younger sister.

She recently graduated with a degree in journalism from the European Institute of Journalism (IEJ) in Paris.

“I have never been to the United States as an intern before. After my internship at the French news channel LCI last June, I wanted to open up to the world and to discover a new country. As a French person, I had always wished to work abroad, particularly on the east coast of the United States. As an Armenian, I have a huge interest in the Armenian Diaspora around the world and more specifically in Watertown and Boston, where the diaspora is so vital. It’s an honor and a great opportunity for to do this internship, surrounded by inspiring people like Managing Editor Aram Arkun and Editor Alin Gregorian,” Tuyssuzian said.

(The feeling is mutual, Arkun and Gregorian note.)

She added, “I want to add to my journalism skills and improve my English, as well as my knowledge of the area. It is also a chance for me to see Massachusetts and get to know the Armenian community from this part of the globe.”

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Tuyssuzian has already written stories and made videos for the Mirror, including a story this week on the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston, as well as a video on the St. James Armenian Church annual bazaar.

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