Aghabek and his family

YEREVAN — Friends of the Armenian Soldier and Family (FASF) has issued a grant to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen (IFS) for $50,000.

FASF was founded in 2021 in response to the distressing humanitarian crisis affecting Armenian soldiers and their families following the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

FASF aims to create a continuous culture of giving and continued monthly donations that will be used to support each veteran and his family in rebuilding their lives and regaining stability.

Donations and grants enable 1000Plus, the official first grant recipient of FASF, to make compensation and ensure the dignity of the families of fallen heroes and soldiers who acquired a disability of 1st and 2nd grade or are deceased due to war. The compensated funds can be used by beneficiaries of 1000Plus for items such as health care, medical expenses, rehabilitation, food, clothing, career training, continuing education programs, etc.

Mary with her child

Over the past year, FASF has raised over $150 000 USD for humanitarian support to the families of the injured and diseased Armenian soldiers. FASF allows its donors to make

tax-deductible donations and invite their friends and families to join their circle and get notified once they join.

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