Jessi Knox Presenting her art work at Queernissage last year (Photo: Ani Ishkhanian)

GALAS Queernissage Pop-Up Market to Celebrate the Creativity and Artistry of LGBTQ+ Armenians and Allies


LOS ANGELES — GALAS LGBTQ+ Armenian Society (GALAS) will host its second annual Queernissage: an open air market featuring LGBTQ+ creatives from South West Asia & North Africa (SWANA). The market will take place on Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Studio City Pop-Up: 4354 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City.

Queernissage is an homage to “Vernissage,” the open air market in Armenia that has been a gathering place for artists and merchants for decades. Through Queernissage, GALAS aims to create a space for their community members to express and share their creativity with each other and with the public. With an eclectic array of vendors, attendees can expect to find artwork, freshly made baked goods, interactive booths, jewelry, and much more.

The first Queernissage took place in July 2021. We showcased over 30 LGBTQ+ Armenian artists and allies and hosted over 400 people during the day. It was a wildly successful event and we cannot wait for the next one!

Queernissage is only one of the many programs GALAS has planned for this year. In its 24th year, GALAS is committed to expanding and further developing robust outreach and community programming to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ Armenian voices and create resources and safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Armenians, their families and allies. Some of GALAS’ programs include therapeutic support groups, Soorj Sessions for families, friends, and allies of LGBTQ+ Armenians, as well as a scholarship fund for college students of Armenian descent who have demonstrated LGBTQ+ activism.

GALAS encourages all community members to attend Quernissage to support and enjoy the creative work of LGBTQ+ Armenians and allies. For additional information on Queernissage, taking place on Saturday, June 4, 2022, email or visit GALAS’ Facebook page at @GALASLosAngeles or GALAS’ Instagram page at @galas_la .


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