Antranig Afarian

DUARTE, Calif. — Antranig Diran Afarian, who passed away on February 19, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on April 8, 1933.

His family took a vacation in Beirut, Lebanon while Antranig was still a child, and they were forced to remain in Beirut due to the onset of World War II. There Antranig got married and had three sons. Eventually, in 1975, they emigrated to the United States. Afarian worked for over 15 years, until retiring in 1998, as a civil engineering drafting technician for Los Angeles Water and Power.

He and his late wife Sirouhi (“Siroug”) were active in the Tekeyan Cultural Association Pasadena-Glendale chapter for many years. They played a prominent role in the special monthly dinners that for a time were important in local community life. Moreover, Antranig faithfully served as the treasurer of the Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Beshgeturian Center in Altadena for a long period. Antranig was also a member of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party. Funeral services and interment took place at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, California on February 26.

He is survived by son, Diran and Rosalin Afarian; grandson, Anto Afarian and Christina Melkonian; granddaughter, Garin Afarian and Khatchik Arabian; son, Raffy and Debby Afarian; grandson, Armen and Sarah Afarian; grandson, Alec and Valerie Afarian; son, Ara and Rita Afarian and daughter, Christine; sister, Ardemis and Sarkis Teshoian; deceased brother, Mardiros Afarian’s wife, Maral Afarian; nephew, Hagop and Aleen Afarian and children; nephew, Sevag and Cindy Afarian and children; and the entire Afarian, Teshoian, Nazarian, Madenian, Klein, Tanielian, Der Stepanian, and Semerdjian families, relatives, and friends.

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