First Screening of Dink Film Held in Istanbul


ISTANBUL (Agos) — Writer and director Ümit Kıvanç’s film “Memory is Insufficient – A Film for Hrant Dink” was screened for the first time on January 13.

The film was released ahead of the  15th anniversary of his assassination, which took place on January 19, 2007.

After the one-hour movie screening, a short panel discussion was held with Fethiye Çetin, Kıvanç and Arat Dink, moderated by Zeynep Sungur, the Hrant Dink Foundation Communications Coordinator.

Çetin, who said that we have experienced for years how insurmountable pain and mourning imprison us in spirals of fear, anger and violence, finished her speech with the answer given by Hrant Dink, who asked the question “How can we overcome this deadlock”: “Memory exchange, conversation, dialogue, and their indispensable condition is freedom of expression… Because we are each other’s doctors.”

Kıvanç explained why he wanted to make this documentary: “Hrant Dink was a person who talked more than he wrote; We feel what he says as a whole with his voice, facial expressions, moving his eyebrows. His writings are also permanent, but his living presence was something else, which could be conveyed on film.”

Hrant Dink

Arat Dink expressed what this movie meant to him: “Two grandchildren watched this movie today. It allowed them to get to know their grandfather better. Ümit Kıvanç gave us a great gift and we thank him very much. We are always thinking about how we can explain our father to future generations, how we can pass it on. Ümit Kıvanç gave the most correct answer to the question of what is the method for this. My father had the ability to combine everyday words with deep meanings, and Ümit Kıvanç’s everyday images in the documentary provide a parallel with this.”

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