Ruben Rubinyan (left) and Serdar Kilic (combo photo)

Armenia, Turkey Hold First Round of Talks on Normalizing Ties, Agree To Hold More


MOSCOW (RFE/RL) — Representatives of Armenia and Turkey have agreed to continue negotiations after a first round of talks in Moscow on January 14 aimed at normalizing relations after years of animosity.

Ruben Rubinyan, the deputy speaker of the Armenian parliament, and Serdar Kilic, a former Turkish ambassador to the United States, agreed during their meeting in the Russian capital that Turkey and Armenia should work to regulate ties “through dialogue” and without preconditions, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said.

“The date and place of the second meeting will be determined via diplomatic channels,” the ministry said.

Going into the talks, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said it expected the negotiations to result in the establishment of diplomatic relations with Turkey as well as the opening of the border between the two countries.

Last month, Armenia lifted a ban on the import of Turkish goods that had been a burden mostly to Armenians, and Turkey announced charter flights to Armenia would be allowed.

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