Hayastan All Armenian Fund Group Reports No Credible Evidence of Misappropriation of Funds Donated to Government Last Year


YEREVAN – The Board of Trustees of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund announced in a statement dated December 1 that a working group it had formed “reported that they did not receive any credible evidence that funds were misappropriated” from the money raised in the We Are Our Borders campaign during last year’s Artsakh war and donated to the government of the Republic of Armenia. However, the same working group as well as the outside auditor conducting the Fund’s annual audit further reported “that legal restrictions precluded their review of source documentation of funds spent by the Government,” thus diminishing the value of the prior statement.

The Board of Trustees also noted that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan requested that the Republic of Armenia’s Audit Chamber “assess the possibility of involving the working group and the outside auditor in the capacity of external experts in all Audit Chamber inquiries regarding this issue,” and expressed the government’s willingness to make all source documents accessible to both the working group and the outside auditor.

This statement was produced as a result of the November 27 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

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