Map of flight to Baku from Rakka, Syria, juxtaposed with generic photo of volunteers with Turkish flag

Military Developments in Armenia


YEREVAN – The Azerbaijani aggression of November 15 directed towards Syunik Province took on another dimension during the afternoon of November 16. At approximately 1 p.m. Yerevan time, Azerbaijani armed groups attacked in several directions with the use of armored vehicles, artillery and firearms of various calibers. During a period of about five hours, the Armenian side lost lives. According to the government’s official report, only one person was killed while there are also wounded and an unknown number of captives.

The Azerbaijanis also had losses: according to accessible open sources, there were 14 dead, 37 wounded and 5 soldiers whose fates are unknown.

During the day, Armenian defense forces issued videos in which Armenian forces could be seen attacking Azerbaijani armored vehicles. It is claimed that six such vehicles were destroyed, along with one military transport vehicle and a radio-electronic complex.

The situation remains tense. There are gatherings of forces at the border zone of Gegharkunik Province which is next to Karvachar. In an interview of the Mirror-Spectator with the leader of the enlarged community of Geghamasar, Hakob Avetyan, the latter stated that today the ceasefire regime was also broken in the directions of Sot and Verin Shorzha.

Hakob Avetyan

“There is firing. The information that has spread is true. They have fired numerous times throughout the day. We are very careful. We exepct at any moment a new provocation. Our military men are putting pressure on the enemy by shooting. At this moment, there is a large assemblage of military equipment which is very dangerous for us,” Avetyan said.

The community head observed at the same time that what is taking place has become a usual situation for the villagers since the Azerbaijanis often resort to provocations in this sector.  He said, “People have already become accustomed to it, but are not reconciled to this situation. Now everyone is preparing so that if it becomes necessary, they will provide assistance to the army.”

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Our sources reveal that the workers in the Sotk mine were evacuated due to safety considerations. They work every day under dangerous conditions.

Marat Petrosyan, next to a view of the area around Ishkhanasar

In a different border community, that of Ishkhanasar in Syunik Province, the community head Marat Petrosyan remarked that shooting could be heard in the village but there is no panic. Moreover, he said that they were ready if needed to fight. He declared, “We have no place to retreat. We have no homeland that we will leave to the enemy. We will stand here till the end. At this point the entire village awaits orders.”

The most concise comment of the day was made by the governor of Syunik Province, Melikset Poghosyan, who said that everything is under control and the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union has been commanded to prepare.”

Finally there is one more interesting bit of news. When looking at the open websites of aviation maps, hours ago I noticed the trajectory of an Azerbaijani transport plane. According to the satellite data, it arrived in Baku from al-Raqqa in Syria and then returned to Baku. If we take into consdiereation that at this time Raqqa is in the zone of occupation of Turkish forces, it is possible to conjecture that just as during the 44-day war of 2020, today too, Azerbaijan may be sending international terrorists against Armenia.

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