Konstantin Petrossian, center, at the Komitas Chamber Music Center in Yerevan

Konstantin Petrossian Honored and His Compositions Performed in Yerevan


YEREVAN – An evening devoted to the works of famous composer and conductor Konstantin Petrossian took place at the Komitas Chamber Music Center in Yerevan on September 14. Petrossian is the author of many compositions, including symphonic, choral, chamber, instrumental and vocal works, many of which have been published and performed in different countries of the world.

Konstantin Petrossian in front of a poster advertising the special evening dedicated to his works

He has been awarded the Movses Khorenatsi Medal of the Republic of Armenia for the exceptional advance of the development of Armenian culture and the St. Sahag and Mesrob Medal, the highest award of the Armenian Apostolic Church, along with many other awards.

Petrossian moved to the United States in the 1995. He serves as the Cultural and Music Director of Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church of Providence and has also been the artistic director and conductor of the Armenian Chorale of Rhode Island. He has been the music director and conductor of the Erevan Choral Society since 2009. He was named Rhode Island Man of the Year in 1996.

From right, conductor of the State Chamber Orchestra Harutiun Arzumanyan, Konstantin Petrossian, and Magda Mkrtchyan, soloist of the Armenian National Opera

The concert of Petrossian’s works, which took place at the Komitas Chamber Music Center, was performed by the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia under the direction of Harutyun Arzumanyan, soloists of the National Opera Magda Mkrtchyan, Alina Pahlevanyan and Artak Stepanyan; instrumentalists cellist Aram Talalyan, trumpeter Daniel Melkonyan, bassoonist Nikolay Poghosyan and violinist Ani Khachunts; and pianists Lilit Artemyan, Levon Javadyan, Anahit Dilbaryan and Lilit Zakaryan. All these performers are internionataly known and winners of various competitions and awards.

Well known chamber works of the composer were performed along with the premieres of two new works, Sonata for Bassoon and piano and Scherzo for Trumpet and Piano.

At the end of the concert, Petrossian’s famous song “Hayastan” [Armenia] was played. The president of the Union of Composers of Armenia, composer Aram Satyan and the chairman of the Armenian Music Commission, composer Leon Chaushyan, made welcoming speeches. Many famous cultural figures and clergymen were present at the evening.

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The front and back covers of a special issue of the periodical Hay Kompozitor [Armenian Composer] dedicated to Konstantin Petrossian’s 55th anniversary of work
The evening dedicated to the works of Konstantin Petrossian was a great success, with a large audience, and left its mark on the cultural life of Armenia. In addition, the Union of Composers of Armenia published a special magazine issue dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Petrossian’s professional activity at this occasion.

Petrossian later commented, upon returning to the United States: “It was very important for me to have such a concert of my compositions, especially in my homeland. I am so happy that it turned out to be such a significant cultural event. Meanwhile, I am already actively working on some new musical projects.”  He stressed that in the United States, “I do everything in my activities here to make contemporary Armenian music and art better know.”

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