Meghu 2021 Armenian for Everyone Contest Open to Children


YEREVAN – The registration process of Meghu 2021 — Armenian for Everyone has launched. It is open to all students of grades 3-12 from the Republic of Armenia, the diaspora, and Artsakh. We pass many ideas containing the key to the national existence and essence on to the next generations — the most valuable of which is the idea of the Armenian language. The Ayb Educational Foundation, the initiator of the contest, is guided by this philosophy. One of the primary goals of Ayb is to make the Armenian language engaging among the diaspora’s Armenian children, to turn the contest into a holiday for them, and unite the present and future generations of Armenians around their mother tongue. The internationalization of the Meghu contest and the switch to online format aim to increase the number of children loving and interested in the Armenian language — especially beyond the borders of our homeland and to show the importance of preserving the mother tongue.

Meghu 2021 will be held online this year, creating a particularly good opportunity for diaspora children. All awardees will receive diplomas, incentive prizes, while the winners of the contest will get the main prize.

The date of the contest is October 31, 2021. The registration deadline is October 22, 2021.

The competition is available to all children, regardless of their progress.

Competition questions are both linguistic and logical. The questions for the diaspora’s participants have been prepared to take into account the educational peculiarities.

The results are summarized through a special program, after which a final information letter is sent to the email addresses of all participants.

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The contest will be held on the online platform of Ayb Contests. The contest procedure is available on the Ayb Contests website. For any updates you will need to follow the Facebook page «Այբ»-ի մրցույթներ / Ayb Contests or visit the Ayb website.

Let’s recall that the Meghu contest held under the title Armenian for Everyone was born in Armenia, 2014, then expanded its geography for the Armenian Diaspora living in other parts of the world.

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